Deal Sourcing

Arctas projects originate from many sources.

Because of the long-standing industry reputation of its founders and professionals, project owners and others often invite the involvement of Arctas to add value and increase the probability of success.

In many cases, the original developers have been able to advance their project up to a certain level, but recognize that they lack the skills/experience in particular areas, the necessary development funding or both to carry the project through successful conclusion.  In those instances, Arctas enters into balanced structured agreements that help the original interest holders realize value upon project success.

Arctas also gets involved in “distressed” situations; for example, where some level of restructuring may be required or where attractive assets or development projects are owned by distressed owners.

Other deal channels for Arctas participation include:

  • Project advisers and brokers
  • Private US and international investors
  • Lenders
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Governmental agencies

Arctas vets and responds to opportunities on an expedited basis.