Greg Arroyo

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Mr. Arroyo joined Arctas in 2010 as a Director. He has broad-based domestic and international experience working within the electric power industry in finance, project development, acquisitions and operations. His international experience is extensive in Latin America with some exposure to Europe and other regions.

He supported Arctas in finalizing its sale of the Nicaraguan wind projects to AEI and is currently responsible for project development efforts. Prior to joining Arctas, Mr. Arroyo was with Duke Energy as head of the treasury and planning areas of the international group. This included oversight of the market risk management, credit risk management, cash management, financial analysis and forecasting functions. In this capacity, any projects requiring Board approval were analyzed by Mr. Arroyo’s group before being recommended. As such, Mr. Arroyo was directly involved in scrutinizing the viability and expected performance of all significant projects considered for investment by the international group. He also was responsible for ensuring that existing projects executed contracts that were financially and economically sound.

Mr. Arroyo previously worked as an independent consultant performing financial, legal and technical support to his clients on international and domestic projects. He also was the Managing Director for Privatizations at Illinova Generating Company and a Director of Business Development for Coastal Power Company. In these capacities, he led development efforts on numerous greenfield and acquisition opportunities. Of particular note was the successful development of the first (and to date the only) coal fired power plant in Central America. He also developed liquid fired plants as well as participating on the winning bids for various privatizations in Central and South America.

He spent 14 years of his career at Houston Lighting and Power Company (HL&P), initially as a project engineer. He was responsible for transmission line construction and then later worked as a relay engineer, responsible for transmission line and substation protection. He earned valuable experience performing electrical system studies on load flows and fault duties. With this background, he segued into a role as an engineer in the Corporate Planning Division, working on the generation expansion plans for HL&P. Among other duties, he evaluated reserve margins for HL&P using Value Based Planning techniques. When HL&P first began investing internationally, Mr. Arroyo was put on the development teams and from the outset was part of the subsequently formed subsidiary investing in international projects.

Mr. Arroyo is licensed as an attorney and registered as a Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering, 1980, from Rice University, his MBA, 1984, from Houston Baptist University and his JD, 1988, from the University of Houston.

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