Arctas atracts professionals that have gravitated towards complex, challenging and novel projects in their careers and have also been associated with a number of industry firsts or superlatives.

The principals have a track record of identifying trends and special opportunities and completing/closing them successfully.


Innovative Accomplishments (at time they were completed) Include:

  • cowboyLargest wind power project in Central America
  • First US cogen/QF to be financed in the capital (i.e., junk bond) markets
  • First sale of a portfolio of independent cogen plants to a regulated utility
  • Largest greenfield non-utility power plant to receive non-recourse project financing
  • Largest cogeneration project in the world
  • First integrated LNG terminal & power plant; also first to be fully gas/oil/LNG switchable
  • First project-financed independent power plant in Central America and first to be barge-mounted
  • Largest domestic energy infrastructure project in United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • First energy infrastructure project in Palestine
  • Largest thermal power plant in Panama; first to use gas turbine generators
  • First portfolio of multi-national “developing country” energy facilities to IPO in the US
  • Largest independent power company in the Philippines
  • Sale of 50 percent interest in largest independent power producer in North Asia

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