Amayo towers - Copy

Arctas is active in the development of renewable sources of energy, both in the US and internationally.

Our connection to renewables dates back to the 1990s when one of Arctas’ principals, David Haug, served on the board of directors of Enron Wind, which ultimately became a foundation asset for GE Wind.

Arctas seeks opportunities and situations where it can bring value based upon its extensive experience in project development, finance, construction and management.

Currently, the company is actively co-developing the 600MW Mariah Wind Energy Center in the Texas Panhandle, located within one of the richest wind resources in the state.  In addition, Arctas is vetting other prospective wind and solar opportunities in the US.  The first 230MW reached financial closing and triggered full-scale construction in February 2016, with the next 140MW expected to do so in the summer of 2016.

Internationally, Arctas has been, and continues to be, very active in Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia.  Arctas has developed over 150MW of wind in Central America.  The firm is particularly proud of its legacy in helping Nicaragua to transition away from dirty and expensive imported fuel oil to more environmentally friendly forms of electricity, and from electricity shortages to surplus.  Arctas is currently pursuing further renewable development and investment opportunities for renewables in the region.